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New Shape, New Design, New year... well not quite but this is the first release from our 2019 range and we hope you dig it.

We absolutely froth this new shape and are stoked to bring it into our line up for 2019. The top sheet has a gloss white finish with our new Cut-off hand logo which was a piece commissioned by a tattoo apprentice in Venezuela. She nailed the brief for this one and we're stoked to have it on top of one of our boards! The base is plain and simple. "JUST SEND IT" in big bold bones because... Because, just send it, that's why.

Pick from one of our preset tech setups or have it built completely custom to the way you ride! check out our Tech setup page HERE 

Free Shipping in 3-4 weeks*


Jagged nose sizing chart
Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width
150 cm 289mm 251mm 289mm
153 cm 291mm 252mm 291mm
157 cm 302mm 263mm 302mm
160W cm 307mm 266mm 307mm


*Shipping times may vary slightly, estimate based on previous builds