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This one has a bit of a Braveheart feel to it.... haha. Nah, the blue and white comes up really nice and the way the text on gloss top inverts into the opposite colour is pretty rad! There's a big bold SKETCHY across the base just incase you forgot who made the board.

Pick from one of our preset tech setups or have it built completely custom to the way you ride! check out our Tech setup page HERE

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Blunt Nose Sizing Chart
Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width
145 cm 283mm 242mm 283mm
151 cm 287mm 246mm 287mm
153 cm 290mm 247mm 290mm
155 cm 296mm 251mm 296mm
157 cm 296mm 251mm 296mm
160 cm 303mm 254mm 303mm


*Shipping times may vary slightly, estimate based on previous builds