Board Tech Setups

This year, we wanted to continue to give you guys a few different preset options for your boards setup. Before we get into it though, we really want to stress that by choosing one of the below presets, it will not restrict you from any particular section of the mountain, the presets are purely an indication of where the board would excel. There is nothing worse than walking into a shop, falling in love with a graphic but holding off on the purchase because the tech doesn't match the way you ride.


All Mountain

A classic traditional camber setup paired with a 5/10 flex rating. A true twin so the setup will replicate your regular stance when riding switch. If you want to hit groomers in the morning, dodge trees at lunch time and hit the park when it softens up of an afternoon, this setup would rule. If you're unsure of the riding style you wan't to pursue, the All Mountain setup would be a great place for you to start.




A zero/flat camber setup that still holds a great edge however, it's a little more forgiving and less catchy for those times you land a little "sketchy", forgive the pun... a 2-3/10 flex rating gives you a bit more flexibility with your presses and jibs. carbon lines run through the core to give this setup some extra pop. This setup can also have quite a bit of fun in the deep stuff with some weight on your back foot!



I wanna go fast

A regular camber board made directional with a slightly set back stance. On the stiffer side of medium, this board is made to go fast and hold a solid edge. If you're all about linking your turns at high speed, then you may want to choose the downhill setup.




This set up is all about you. Maybe you hired a board last year or borrowed a friends board and loved the tech setup. We can study the tech of a similar board or start from scratch with you to make the board exactly how you want it. You'll be choosing core contents, flex rating, camber profile & edge type (magne-traction).