During and around winter, we aim to have stock of each of our regular boards for the quickest possible turnover. This excludes our custom/made-to-order boards which can take 3-5 weeks depending on how busy we are in the factory. Until the season is over or unless we state otherwise, boards will never be marked as "out of stock" or "sold out". If a purchase is made and the board isn't in stock, You pick the size and we will custom make it for you without the custom board price tag!

in a nutshell, if the board is in stock, you should have it in up to 7 business days depending on your location and courier availability.

We're not ruling out international orders, but for the time being we will take these in a case by case scenario to make sure noone's getting ripped off with shipping/customs. For international orders, Hit us up on facebook, instagram or the contact us page and we will sort you out!

- Sketchy Snowboards